Competencies & Philosophy

The following competencies are demonstrated in the work I produced while completing the requirements for the Master’s of Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) program at the University of Colorado at Denver. Examples of how I used these competencies throughout the graduate program can be seen in the projects found in my Academic Portfolio.

Reflective Practice: Adopt a critical stance toward your work, promoting effective practice and responsible use of technology.

Technology: Become competent and confident in the use of various tools and technologies, related to learning, communication, and making things.

Learning and Instruction: Drawing on learning and instructional theory, create instruction with well-aligned outcomes, activities, and assessments.

Creative and Social Media: Demonstrate proficiency with tools, platforms, and environments in the creation of media resources for learning and knowledge construction.

Inquiry and Change: Engage in systematic processes of inquiry and change.

Professional Learning & Leadership: Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and leadership within the profession.

Word Cloud

I believe in COMPETENCE.

I believe in QUALITY.

I believe in CREATIVITY.

Those three words are more than just words to me – they are the three values that I embrace and believe in while working as a Training Professional.

Demonstrate COMPETENCE in every training aspect to ensure credibility.

Perform all training aspects at a high level of QUALITY – eLearning courses designed, training classes conducted & presentations given.

Provide CREATIVE ways to engage trainees in material being presented.

I do not believe in overly-formal learning environments. I believe the atmosphere of the environment plays a vital role in learning and understanding and I strive to create relaxed environments for learners of all ages and styles to digest and process information.