Academic Portfolio

Welcome to my academic portfolio. Below you find projects and examples of my work completed during my Graduate studies at CU Denver throughout the Information and Learning Technology program.


INTE 5340 Learning with Digital Stories

Final Portfolio – Blog Post

INTE 6710 Creative Designs for Instructional Materials

Creating Infographics – Click the thumbnail below for the full version


Pecha Kucha Project – Immigration Court

INTE 6710 Producing Media for Learning

Walter Talks Beer – Podcasting

How to Properly Pour a Beer – Video Project

Immigration Legal Stages in 30 Seconds

INTE 5670 Plan and Facilitate Live Events

Screencasting from the Passenger Seat: Mobile Webinar Platforms

Team Webinar: Do you have the Audacity to Audacity?

Click to see the Handout!

INTE 5100 – Instructional Design

Instructional Design Project

INTE 6750 – eLearning Trends & Issues

What is Microlearning? 

Click the link above to see the website that Travis Lee, Shyna Gill and I put together!

Introduction to the Cognitive Load Theory for Working Professionals

Click the link above to see the mini-course that Travis Lee, Shyna Gill and I putt together!

INTE 5660 – Developing Online Courseware

Ales vs. Lagers – The Beer Family Tree

Click the link above to view an eLearning course created for newly hired Beertenders in the craft beer industry

Ales vs. Lagers Design Document