Starting my semester in…Portland!

I figured after a long break between the Fall/Spring semesters that the only thing I could do to re-energize was to go on PTO and get out of Colorado… for the first week of new classes! It was a spontaneous decision to come out to Portland last week, and I made some great plans of things I wanted to do in 4 days here. Well, the worst winter storm in 38 years has put a stop to some of those plans because the city of Portland isn’t prepared for winter weather – at all. So, while I may not get to do all of the hiking I wanted to, I’m still going to enjoy the best parts this city has to offer; food, coffee and beer!

Cheers to the start of the semester to everyone. This is semester 3/5 for me, so I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this! You can follow my progress as I take INTE5100 and INTE 5670 this semester. Now, back to my Stumptown Cold Brew and Blue Star Donuts.