INTE 5340: Response to "The World of Digital Storytelling"

This week I read “The World of Digital Storytelling”. Right off the bat when the authors were reliving a conversation along the topic of the definition of digital storytelling, I loved when it was mentioned that one of them said “Why Define it?” To me, this has been one of the biggest takeaways of from this course so far – why define it… why label it? It’s a wonderful medium.

This chapter also touched on the concept of active and passive participation in media. Anything that we consume is passive, anything we create is active and that research has shown that even just “consuming” media is a creative endeavor. This resonates with me in my experience in the corporate training realm while engaging with adult learners. Each person consumes information differently, and the different learning styles must each be accounted for throughout a training session. Like the author pointed out, consumption┬ávia spoken word, text, recorded audio, etc can engage a large number of individuals. I make it a point to accommodate my material and present the sames things in multiple formats to help all individuals understand the material. I think trying to transform some of my material into combinations of various forms of media literacy make make it easier to engage trainees without having to present the same things 3-4 different ways.

“Your agency as a storyteller is central to the experience. You choose to follow, in the roles inherent in the character you choose to inhabit, and you reaction to others…” I really believe this. Over the last 7 weeks, I think I’ve been able to find my voice in the digital realm and feel that the version of myself that comes across via the interwebz is the same version of me that talks in front of groups of people and teaches others; the way I talk, my lightheartedness, my casual vibe, all while appearing to be credible and confident in my beliefs and what I have to say.

Me Story vs. My Story vs. Our Story vs. Their Story… ready… fight!giphy (16)

(Ok, I’m excited for the fights tomorrow.) I feel like I’ve been able to write in all of these perspectives recently. From telling my own personal stories centered on how I feel, to speaking in first person about something/someone else, to speaking from “us” perspective to talking about others or something in a critiquing/journalistic voice. All of these perspectives when telling stories are used in Digital Storytelling, in my opinion. As I think about it, I prefer stories that can incorporate multiple points of view throughout.

I’m really enjoying the extra options we have to respond to instead of the L&K chapter. Hopefully that books will come in handy in another ILT course down the road.

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  1. Dustin, this question of “Why define it” has occurred to me as well. As I’ve read I’ve struggled with defining it or finding a deeper understanding of storytelling. I suppose this is the answer, perhaps it doesn’t have to defined! Maybe it is something that evolves or is different for each individual. I’m glad you said that you’ve been able to find your voice. I’ve noticed that in this course because I’ve been given assignments to write and share online I’ve come to enjoy it where I may not have discovered that without this opportunity! I look forward to reading more of your work!

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