INTE 5340: Week 5 Readings – "The Work of a Story"

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First off – thank you for sharing the other articles to digest! I decided to check out Chapter 1 from “The Work of a Story”. I can’t deny – this chapter had my mind running all over the place. Right from the get-go, with the talk about what makes us remember something; how we have to keep recreating it in our minds; over and over again to try and hold on to that sensory memory that made it so real to begin with…

As soon as I digested that, I immediately began to try and recall something buried in my brain; a moment that I don’t want to ever forget. So I tried – the imagery is still there; the shades were shut to block out the blaring sun. I can hear the slow beeping of the machines in the room, how fast my heart was beating as I tried to swallow over and over again. I remember thinking I knew what I was going to say to him the whole time I was riding up the elevator, but in the moment, there weren’t words. I remember looking down at him and wondering what was going through his mind. Did he know, like I did, that this would be the last time we laid eyes on each other? All I can remember then was that I grabbed his hand and just sat there starring it. It seems like hours, but it was only a minute. I don’t even remember what I said when I looked up one last time before walking out of the room. I’ve played this memory over and over again in my head for almost 9 years, and each time, I think I recall it a little differently.

Everything the author said about telling stories and creating and working inside our own myths makes a lot of sense. “Much more is important is that my feeling is evident…When I am in conversation and drop into storytelling, something changes about my choice of words, about the way I describe interactions, impersonating the characters, pulling out the details, feeling, even as I recite my memories, how the actual events worked upon my psyche, how they changed me.”

In our stories, we really do want to show people what it’s like in our shoes, what it was like to experience something, but how possible is that? To make someone feel the emotion, see the things you saw or have you brain interpret details the same way. I think I get why digital storytelling is such a powerful way to share all of that. I don’t think anyone could ever recreate a moment in time to have someone else experience it identically, but we can come close by using technology and different forms of media to help someone’s senses connect the dots we want them to.



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  1. you are a powerful storyteller and writer Dustin. Glad you enjoyed the chapter – Joe Lambert does amazing work in my opinion. I’ll post more of his chapters this week.

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