INTE5340: Beer Wars Continue! Week 4 Article Response


2 Super Bowls in a row, Budweiser has put the craft beer industry on blast. Last year during the Seahawks incredible collapse against the Patriots, microbrew lovers were treated to the following offering by Anheuser Busch.

Oh, the highlights of this one: “Macro beer is not brewed to be fussed over…There’s only one Beer. Budweiser. It’s brewed for drinking, not dissecting. The people who drink our beer are people like to drink beer. Brewed the hard way. Let them sip their Pumpkin Peach Ale…”

Shots fired! First off, let me clear one thing up – I’ve got nothing against the major players in the beer industry. At all. They are experts in consistency and make great examples of Light American Lagers. That is just one style of beer. There are other. The beer industry is not one style of beer. That would be like saying that there is only one type of liquor – Whiskey, and that is all that exists, which is silly to say. Beer, Wine and Liquors are all each an umbrella, and there are lots of types of under each’s protection.

In all honesty, the major reason Anheuser Busch produced a commercial like this was because of the dent in sales that craft/micro brew industry is causing the major players in the industry. They feel threatened that people are branching out, supporting, and realizing that there are other styles of beer in the world besides Light American Lagers. Brewers within and supporters of the craft beer industry didn’t take too kindly to this add. In fact, lots of breweries immediately took to Twitter and YouTube to share their plans to make a “Pumpkin Peach Ale… for the people classified as ‘them’.” For example, FATE Brewing, from here in Boulder:

“Brewed the hard way, with a little bit of fuss”

2 nights ago, AB was at it again with their new attack on the micro/craft brewing industry, but this time targeted consumers of craft beer and homebrewers with a tag line of “NOT A HOBBY”.

This morning, the American Homebrewers Association‘s Director, Gary Glass, posted their response to the commercial here.

“On Sunday, some 120 million viewers across the United States tuned in to this year’s Super Bowl pitting the Denver Broncos against the Carolina Panthers. During the game, the world’s largest brewer, Anheuser Busch Inbev (ABI), the Belgian-based makers of Budweiser, ran an ad called Not Backing Down, in which they asserted that making Budweiser is “NOT A HOBBY.” I’m sure the nation’s million-plus homebrewers were shocked!

Well, no, not really. The hobby of making beer is usually done in small batches at home by passionate beer lovers. Budweiser is made in massive automated factories (not what I would consider “brewed the hard way,” as suggested by a Budweiser ad aired during last year’s Super Bowl)—it’s actually about as far from a hobby as you can get. As homebrewers, we brew beer because we love beer with full flavor and by brewing beer ourselves we can hone in on the flavors we like most. And beyond that we can experiment and create new beer flavors that no one has tried before. Budweiser is the antithesis of homebrew: beer that’s made to be as light in flavor as possible and to never change.

So if you are someone who wants to experience the diverse array of flavors and aromas beer has to offer, try homebrewing! If you’re interested but not quite ready to make the leap to homebrewing, try something from one of more than 4,000 small and independentAmerican craft brewers, many of which started as homebrewers. And, if you are already a homebrewer, keep doing what you’re doing, and cheers!”

Lot’s of truth spewed there.





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  1. Great response here, too. I was wondering about those beer ads while I was watching the Super Bowl; they were really odd. It’s cool to see some craft brewers brewing Peach Pumpkin Ale in response!

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