INTE 5340: Response to "IPA's are not giving you Man Boobs"

I just stumbled on an article by a highly knowledgeable brewer named Chris Colby titled “IPA’s are not giving you Man Boobs“.

Let’s be real, the article title is pretty enticing. The article serves as a rebuttal to another article written by Raquel Smith Callis titled “IPA’s are giving you Man Boobs“. The premise of this article revolves around the chemical phytoestrogen. As a form of estrogen, the author interviews an individual who claims that drinking hoppy beers leads to growth of breasts on men.

Chris Colby breaks down the science behind it finds that the amount of phytoestrogen found in hops is very low. Especially when it is looked at in comparison to how much hops are used in a batch of beer. Chris goes on to further explain that most of the plant matter of hops are left behind when brewing and don’t actually make it to the final product, so the amount of phytoestrogen is even lower. There is a lot of other information regarding the physiological requirements to turn body tissue into breasts, but I’m not going to get into that. If your curiosity has been peaked, click the links above to get the full scoops.

I side with Chris Colby on this matter. Not just because he presents extensive data and research, but because of personal experience. I drink a lot of IPA’s. More than I probably should, and… no man boobs here. Would I stop drinking hoppy IPA’s if this will one day be proven as fact?


Chris Colby’s site:

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  1. I went to the other article after reading your response. I’m wondering if anyone has done actual research with a large set of men to record data for the before and after effects. It also makes me wonder why the article about having man breasts was derived from reliable research. Never the less, it seems you have landed on the APA side of life.

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