Everyday CARP-ing

CARP in design work is essential to use to ensure that the product maxes it’s purpose for the audience. I could have copped out and said that CARP just makes things “great”, but I went with the more professional response. I’ve been in the INTE program for 3 semesters now, and CARP principles have been one of the biggest take aways and applications to my day-to-day job.

For me, the most important CARP principle is Contrast. I love variance to make things not monochromatic throughout, but not out of control. Contrast keeps things fresh, but not crazy and I appreciate that. Alignment helps keep my eyes in one location instead of bouncing all over the place trying to understand what is happening. Repetition is key when I do webinars, because I want to ensure that if people drift off and don’t pay consistent attention, that they at least get the main message over and over. Proximity? Yup, let’s keep things together.

I don’t have a lot of experience of using CARP principles in webinars as I haven’t done as many live webinars since discovering CARP throughout this graduate program. Most of my CARP-ing happens when developing eLearning courses using Articulate Storyline. The last two courses that I have designed have relied HEAVILY on contrast and alignment. I recognized that in some of my previous courses, I didn’t keep things consistent visually page to page and it’s been something I’ve been working on a lot recently.