Dustin's INTE 5340 Final Portfolio!

How and why is it important to tell stories???

If you’d have asked me this before this semester, I would have said something like, “Because people need something to talk to each other about.” Let’s just say my opinion has changed a little bit throughout my first semester as a grad student in the ILT program at CU Denver. Story telling is the root of knowledge. Learning does not have to take place via formal institutionalized settings. I can share my thoughts and experiences about brewing (my focal theme) with the world, and maybe someone will read my story from my brew day and learn learn something about beer that they did not know before.

Below you will find examples of my work throughout INTE 5340. Click on a picture to check out the piece of work in it’s entirety!

Part of this course required me to create some assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. The ones features below were all linked to my focal theme of “Brewing”. 

ds106 Assignment 2ds106 Assignment 3ds106 Assignment 4ds106 Assignment 1

Another aspect of the course was to critique different digital stories related to my focal theme. The ones below are related to my focal theme of “brewing”.

Critique 4Critique 3Critique 5Critique 1

The next part of the course was to discuss different academic readings assigned throughout the course. The samples below were pulled from New Literacy, Digital Storytelling & The New Digital Storytelling.

Chapter 2Chaper 3Chapter 1Critique 2

This course also taught me a lot about using social media a tool to engage with others in a way outside of the normal family/friends Facebook/Twitter interactions. Discovering peers in the course with similar academic interests helped me to discuss creative ideas in a professional setting. Throughout this course, I commented and responded on many peers blogs and engaged with some other peers via Twitter. 

Check out some of my interactions with others below!

I really enjoyed following Darren Blackmon’s blog and focal theme related to using graphic novels in education. To read the full blog post, click the picture.Interaction 2Interaction 1

I also really enjoyed Logan Priess’s blog on hiking and exploring the outdoors. 

Interaction 4interaction 3

Twitter was a great source of communication for me throughout the semester. All of of my work was posted on Twitter, and I had the occasional interaction with classmates in the program throughout. Tian Vetter and Susan Laws were regulars in my feed =)

Twitter 4Twitter 3Twitter 2Twitter 1

This class was pure joy and I really hope that the rest of the ILT program is as fruitful with knowledge as this one. If not, at least the foundation obtained here will stick with me forever. Thanks for tuning in, everyone.

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  1. Haha! This makes it look like all I did was play on Twitter this semester, which is actually how I feel! 🙂 Great portfolio Dustin!

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