Week 15 Digital Story Critique

Welp, this is the end of the digital story critiques for INTE5340. This course has been a joy and I’ve learned a TON! For week 15, I’m going to leave everyone with a digital story about Big Brew Day. What’s Big Brew Day you ask? Well, it’s the annual holiday for the American Homebrewers Association to promote homebrewing across the country! Big Brew Day 2016 is this Saturday May 7th. My Homebrew Club, the Indian Peak Alers, will be participating and we’ll all be brewing together in Longmont, Colorado on Saturday. The video below is from 2012 (I wasn’t apart of the club at that time as I was still in Indiana), but it’s a pretty neat overview.

I’ll be evaluating the story using Ohler’s assessment traits of Project Planning, Flow/Organization/Pacing & Sense of Audience.

Project Planning – Is there evidence of solid project planning? I’m not sure what happened behind the scenes, but I’d be willing to guess there was some thought that went into this video considering all of the splicing of individual clips that were put together. It’s like they were trying to tell a story from different perspectives, but missed on even describing what big brew day was.

Flow/Organization/Pacing – I did think this story was well organized in that it covered so many different perspectives put together. The pacing was a little fast in some instances with just 1-3 second clips of certain aspects or dialogue. I would have preferred a couple longer features with some of the club members explaining what they were up to.

Sense of Audience – This video was 100% created for homebrewers, and probably more specific for club members to remember the experience. I don’t think this video was created for people who were not familiar with homebrewing/Big Brew Day, as there was really no thorough explanation for this. I believe the intended audience was truly just the members of the club as a memento to remember the day. If that was the case, they nailed the sense of audience.

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  1. You haven’t learned half as much as I have about brewing from reading your blog!! I hope you have a great time and a great turn out at Big Brew Day!

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