Week 14 Article Critique

Craft beer movement clashes with 500-year-old German purity laws

Oh, the Reinheitsgebot, aka the German Beer Purity Law. The purity law basically states that all beer must only be made with Water, Malt & Hops. This Bavarian law still exists. The article linked above is from the Washington Times. The article was written and published on the 500th anniversary of the famed German Purity Law.

As a brewer, you learn about the Reinheitsgebot immediately. It’s rooted on purity and the basics. American breweries and homebrewers violate the Reinheitsgebot regularly. Think of all of you favorite beers/breweries around. Did they put lactose in their milk stout? What about coriander seeds/dried orange peel in their witbier? Grapefruit zest in the IPA? Coffee in brown ale? None of these beers would be allowed to be even produced in Germany.

The article sheds light on a brewery in Germany that had one the beers they produced banned for adding in a non-compliant ingredient. Because of this, they’re looking at moving production to Austria. I couldn’t imagine not having the creativity to add whatever I wanted to a brewday. American beer would be completely different if we were forced to comply with the same purity laws.

Just yet another reason that it’s good to be a beer enthusiast in America. Prost!


2 thoughts on “Week 14 Article Critique

  1. Thanks for sharing this Dustin, I think I learned at least 6 new things just from reading your summary of the article! I really like the actual “story” behind this digital article and how it actually tells more than just one. There’s the story of Reinheitsgebot (<–totally just copied and pasted that, by brain reads it as "Rein-insert SNEEZE here") and then the story of how the law affects Germany's brewers. I agree with the one lady about how the law should state that beer has to be natural instead of ‘pure' so that people could still use fruits and spices, but artificial flavors and preservatives would be banned.

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