Week 13 Personal Refelction

Ugh. This has been a bummer of a weekend. This is me right now:


Plans to brew yesterday, and go to the Rockies game today went out the window when my wife’s bronchitis infected me. It’s ok though, I still love her lots. Hopefully this blog post makes sense to everyone as the meds I’m on have me slightly loopy.

My favorite part of this week was the Lambert chapter that I read about incorporating media into digital storytelling. There were a number of quotes used to start different paragraphs or topics. For me, they served as inspiration a little bit. My two favorites were “Mimic what you like” and “Design in so simple, that’s why it is complicated.” I think both of those really emphasize how I have approached and developed my work this semester. One of the other things I took away from the reading was Lambert’s discussion of not overdoing it with media, or not following the conventional. The story he broke down and emphasized not to have an image to go with every line of text, made a lot of sense.

For this course, I have not put it all together yet as there has not been a long term project for the semester (and that is ok with me). I don’t say that to say this semester has been easy, because it has not. The way it was been set up has allowed me to progress my knowledge and skills in a consistent weekly format. I’ve got some ideas from everything I’ve learned in this course to complete a personal project moving forward.

This week, I feel like completed all of my assignments at an 8.5/10.

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  1. I sure hope you are feeling better! Beer probably helps 🙂 I am glad you were able to take away the message from Joe Lambert’s book about not using a photo for every single point you are making in your digital story. In the Digital Storytelling workshop I took, they really help with this point — really helping you match your story with a strong visual that represents the message. I struggle with this because I tend to want to add a picture to ‘show’ everything I’m trying to communicate. It is clear from your blog posts that you are a very visual person, so this will most likely come naturally for you!

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